Starship Juno

by Absolute Horizon 全端

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The music in this album was my biggest yet in terms of scale. I used a blend of instruments, gear, old video game consoles, and over 45 different plug-ins to create this music collage.

All my drums were sampled in the A-Room using the studio Yamaha drum kit. They were processed through bitcrushers and other effects to create the desired crushed, distorted sounds similar to the 8 bit sounds of the old Nintendo S-SMP audio chip.

I used a combination of analog and algorithm synthesizers to create "phat" bass lines and screaming lead lines in the capstone. The Juno-106 was my favorite to write effects like the wave and wind sounds while the Yamaha DX11 was used exclusively in the track 'Putt Putt's Putt Putt' as a homage to the YM2612 sound chip, a familiar sound in my childhood.

All the music was mixed and mastered in FL Studio. It is the preferred choice of DAW for my chiptunes, but I learned quickly of the limitations of the software for a project this large. For example, FL allocates so much memory and CPU processing to automation that the projects became unplayable on my laptop. In the end some songs grew to over 500 MBs, causing the program to crash when rendering! This forced me to mix stems and bounce down to keep the projects at a reasonable size.

Overall I am very pleased with how this project came together. It was an exciting time as I had never developed a project this massive. It was definitely scary trying to make it all work. I am thankful for all that I learned at the Sound Recording Studio and I could not have done it without my friends, family and the awesome staff at the Fire Station Studio!


released May 20, 2016



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Absolute Horizon 全端 San Marcos, Texas

I write chiptunes because I demand to be taken seriously. Studies sound recording. Supported by CTC Records.

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